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I’ve seen so many posts lately of people arguing over whether Derek was a minor or not when Kate had sex with him. People seem to be forgetting the major point of the whole Kate/Derek situation. It doesn’t matter if he was 17 or 97 at the time, the point is that Kate used Derek in order to murder his fucking family. So him being a minor or not doesn’t take away from the fact that she used him to get to his family and that’s wrong no matter what his age. 

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I love how many fanfictions literally reject the reality of canon with literally no explanation.

Like Harry Potter fic: Sirius never died and the fic is set in 7th year, no explanation. 

Or Teen Wolf: Post season 3 and everyone is still alive, except Kate because seriously…fuck Kate. 

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Go home, go home, go home, go home. 

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My brother’s girlfriend is the loudest person ever. And her personality is the color beige. 

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it’s a metaphor

The best part is that the crab is the symbol for the zodiac sign Cancer, so in a way even the crab itself is a metaphor

The Fault in our (Lob)Stars

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im really pissed that palindrome isnt palindrome backwards

Ah, yes but emordnilap is a word!

An emornilap is any word that, when spelled backwards, produces another word. Examples of emordnilap pairs include:

  • desserts & stressed
  • drawer & reward
  • gateman & nametag
  • time & emit
  • laced & decal
  • regal & lager

And therefore “emordnilap palindrome” is an emordnilap palindrome.

Which I, for one, think is really frickin’ cool.


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My little girl is going to grow up seeing characters like Black Widow and Wonder Woman and not have to question whether or not she can be a superhero and “as good as the boys”.

That is important.

Children of colour are going to watch Cap 2 and see Sam Wilson and be like, “he looks…

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"malia is the strongest one in the pack right now." first of all lol. secondly, when did she become pack?


Scott lets anybody join his pack. He let those idiotic twins into his pack…are you really surprised?

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